Shield descriptions and extra weapon packs listed at bottom of cavalry section.  

All figures are supplied with appropriate weapons. NB; Letters that appear in brackets at the end of a code ie; ( F G H ), denote different shield types. Please choose the type you want. If not specified, one type will be sent. For those who want to customise their figures, or need extra weapons, they are available separately in packs of 8.

SUC36 Cataphract. Masked helmet. Banded armour. Lance.


SUC37 Militia / Celtic mercenary light cavalry in hooded cloak. Spear and shield ( F G H )


SUC38 Horse archer. Bareheaded, firing. Bow & quiver.


SUC39 Hellenistic cavalry in Boeotian helmet.Spear and shield ( A )


SUC40 Companion cavalry. Facemask helmet. Spear & shield ( E )


SUC41 Hellenistic Politikoi cavalry.Spear and shield ( E )


SUC42 Mounted General.  Spear and shield  ( E )

SUC 42

SUC43 Tarentine cavalry in tunic. Jav / spear and shield ( A C D )


SUC44 Light cavalry in cuirass. Spear and shield ( B C )


SUC45 Syrian / Arab camel archer.



SUCH 1 Half armoured horse.

SUCAMEL  Camel for SUC45 archer.

For other suitable horses see Greek, Macedonian and Persian ranges.

ALL WEAPON PACKS CONTAIN 8 ITEMS ( except SUCW15 ) and are $4.60 per pack.

SUCW 1 Pikemans shield.              SUCW 2 Hoplon shield ( J )

SUCW 3 Pike                                SUCW 4 Spear

SUCW 5 Pilum                              SUCW 6 Javelin

SUCW 7 Large flat round shield. Central rib, attached javelins ( A )

SUCW 8 Large flat round with rim                                          ( B )

SUCW 9 Small round convex with rim.                                   ( C )

SUCW10 Small square with indented sides (Tarentine)             ( D )

SUCW11 Small flat round with rim and centre flat rib.              ( E )

SUCW12 Flat oval thureos with rim, rib and boss.                   ( F )

SUCW13 Dished oval thureos with rib, rim and boss.              ( G )

SUCW14 Flat oval thureos, centre rib, no rim.                         ( H )

SUCW15 Pair of square, vexillum type standards. ( price of 1 figure)