CAROLINGIAN EMPIRE.  NORMANS. CRUSADERS.    (Pictures can be found on HCH painted figure website ).


CA1  H.Inf in mail. Standing with spear & shield

CA 2 H.Inf. in mail.Aventail helmet, standing.Sp.& shield.

CA 3 Med. Inf.Tunic &cloak, spear &shield.

CA 4 Light Inf.standing.Tunic & cloak, barehead.Sp & sh.

CA 5 Light Inf.advancing.Tunic, cloak, helmet,sp. & sh.

CA 6 Musician with horn and shield.

CA 7 Guard/H.Cav.Scale armour,cloak, sp. & sh.

CA 8 H.Cav.in mail&splint armour, sp. & sh.

CA 9 Med.Cav.mail & cloak,sp & sh.

CA10 Med.Cav.mail, cloak aventail helmet, sp & sh.

CA11 L.Cav.Tunic, cloak,barehead.Sp. & sh.

CA12 L.Cav.Tunic,aventail helmet, sp.& sh.

CA13 Pair of standards (price of one figure).

Use Norman horse or BZH3 from Byzantine range

Note;  any foot or cavalry figure with arm in upright position  can be used as a standard bearer (standard replaces spear).

Two different shield types are supplied at random  ( one per figure).

                     NORMANS / EARLY CRUSADERS

NC1 Mtd. Knight,full mail,couched arm.Spear,kite shield 2V

NC2 Mtd.Knight,full mail,upright arm.Spear,kite shield 2V

NC3 Mtd.Knight,mail,surcoat,conical helm, couched arm, spear and kite shield.

NC4 Mtd.Knight,mail, surcoat, conical helm, arm upright, spear and kite shield.

NC5 Mtd.Knight, mail, surcoat,Barrel helm,arm couched, spear and kite shield.

NC6 Mtd.Knight, mail, surcoat,Barrel helm, arm upright, spear and kite shield.

NC7 Dismounted knight or heavy infantry,full mail, advancing spear and kite shield. 2V

NC8 Dismounted knight or heavy infantry full mail attacking overarm, spear and kite shield 2V.

NC9 Dismounted knight or heavy infantry, full mail, standing, spear and kite shield.(suitable as standard bearer).

NH1 Norman horse (also use BZH3 from Byzantine range).

Above figures come with a kite shield which is selected from several types selected at random.

                    EQUIPMENT  PACKS.           

Figures can be rearmed or customised by using items  from the following list.(8 per pack unless stated otherwise).

Sword.  Axe.  lance with pennon, Long kite shield with decorated rim. long kite shield with plain rim. Short flat kite shield. Almond/teardrop kite. Large square 4 tail banner.(2 per pack).Medium swallow tail banner ( 3 per pack ).

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