Normans. Byzantines. Russ/Slavic. Romano-British. Viking. Saxon. Carolingian. Universal Soldier. Arab/Eastern Nations.

SR 1 Cavalry command. General, dragon standard & cavalry standard.

SR 2 Heavy cavalry. Cloak, spear & shield.

SR 3 Light cavalry. Barehead or cap. Spear & shield.

SR 4 Heavy infantry. Helmet / cap / barehead. Spear, sword & shield.

SR 5 Light infantry. Cap / barehead, cloak, spear & shield.

SR 6 Light infantry. Barehead, cloak, spear & shield.

SR 7 Foot command. Officers, musicians & standard bearers.

SR 8 Fighting Monks. 3 types in habit, with mace, cross or staff.

SR 9 Archer. Barehead, cloak & bow.

DVA 1 Viking archer.

DVA 2 Viking command. Chiefs, standard bearers & musicians.

DVA 3 Berserker. Axe & sword.

DVA 4 Viking. Long spear & shield.

DVA 5 Huscarl.

DVA 6 Bondi

DVA 7 Peasant with spear & shield.

DVA 8 Mounted Huscarl.

DVA 9 Slinger.


DSA 1 Saxon command. Chiefs, standard bearers & musicians.

DSA 2 Fyrd. Helmet / cap / barehead with spear & shield.

DSA 3 Fyrd archer.

DSA 4 Select Fyrd. Spear/ axe & shield.

DSA 5 Huscarl with 2 handed axe.

DSA 6 King Harold, Wyvern standard(2), Chief (1), Musicians (2)

DSA 9 Mounted Thane.

DSA10 Slinger.


RS 1 Rus / Slav heavy cavalry. Shield & spear.

RS 2 Asiatic heavy cavalry. Shield, spear, bow.

RS 3 Horse archer. Shaven head. Sword, shield & bow.

RS 4 Rus heavy infantry. Mail, cloak, axe, oblong shield.

RS 5 Rus heavy infantry. Mail, shaven head, spear, round shield.

RS 6 Slavic / Eastern archer. Fur hat & tunic.

RS 7 Slavic warrior. Tunic, axe, spear & round shield.

RS 8 Slavic axeman. Fur hat & oblong shield.


DAA 1 Sassanid Clibanarius.

DAA 2 Arab infantry. Spear & shield.

DAA 3 Infantry command. 2 Arab officers/2 st.bearers/2 Ghaznavid officers

DAA 5 Arab archer firing.

DAA 6 Arab medium cavalry.

DAA 7 Arab heavy cavalry.

DAA 9 Arab cavalry command. 2 officers, 1 standard bearer.

DAA10 Sudanese Ghulam infantry.

DAA11 Daylami light infantry. Javelin & shield.

DAA12 Khorosanian horse archer.

DAA13 Ghaznavid heavy infantry.

DAA15 Camel archer (3)

DAA16 Ghazi fanatic attacking with sword.


(No images for this range)

DCA1 Carolingian medium infantry

DCA2 Heavy infantry.

DCA3 Command; 1 Mtd.General, 1 Mtd.Officer, ! Draco Standard bearer.

DCA4 Infantry command; 4 Officers/standard bearers, 2 musicians.

DCA5 Medium infantry

DCA6 Medium cavalry.

DCA7 Noble / heavy cavalry.

DCA10 Guard cavalry.


DNA 1 Heavy Norman cavalry.

DNA 2 Norman extra heavy cavalry.

DNA 3 Crossbowman

DNA 4 Unarmoured infantry.

DNA5 Light archer.

DNA 6 Heavy archer.

DNA 7 Heavy spearman.

DNA 8 Command. 1 mounted officer, 2 inf. standard bearers, 2 musicians.

DBA 1  Byzantine cataphract (10th century) barded horse

DBA 2  Byzantine cataphract (10th century) unbarded horse.

DBA 3 Byzantine cataphract (10th century) horse archer.

DBA 4 Clibanarius (10th century)

DBA 5 Trapezetoi cavalry.

DBA 6 Cataphract (11th century) barded horse.

DBA 7 Cataphract (11th century) unbarded horse.

DBA 8 Patzinak horse archer.

DBA 9 Emperor & staff.

DBA10 Scutatoi infantry (1oth century)

DBA11 Infantry command (10th century) 3 officers & 3 standard bearers.

DBA12 Scutatoi infantry (11th century).

DBA13 Infantry command (11th century) 3 officers & 3 standard bearers.

DBA14 Peltatos light infantry.

DBA15 Light archer.

DBA16 Staff slinger.

DBA17 Varangian Guard. Axe & shield.

DBA18 Heavy archer.

DBA19 Mounted command (10th century) Imperial & cavalry standards.

DBA20 Mounted command (11th century) Imperial & cavalry standards.

DBA21 Slinger.


MGA 1 Basic figure. This is a nondescript headless figure wearing a short sleeved tunic reaching down to just above  the knees. He is advancing with open hands, so with pliers or glue, weapons can be added. ( 8 figures  @ normal pack price).

HEADS  Packs of 8. (AA)

MGA1 Shaven with short hair.

MGA2 Bearded with long hair.

MGA3 Norman helmet & moustache.

MGA4 Greek style, Pilos helmet.

MGA5 Clean shaven. Late Imperial Roman / Dark Age helmet.

MGA6 Bearded, Phyrigian cap, can be used for many nationalities.

MGA7 Asiatic / Steppe nomad.

WEAPONS  Packs of 8   (AA)

MGA50  Viking axe.

MGA51  Spear

MGA52  Scythe.

MGA53  Flail

MGA54  Longbow.

MGA55  Quiver.

MGA56  Short bow.

MGA57  Eastern bowcase & bow.

MGA58  Wooden club.

MGA59  Small axe.

MGA60 Assorted peasant weapons.

SHIELDS  Packs of 8   (AA)

MGA100  Small round.

MGA101  Large round with boss.

MGA102  Kite

MGA103  Crescent Pelta

MGA104 Greek Hoplon

MGA105  Thureos

MGA106  Oval scutum

MGA107  Round pelta

MGA108  Round aspis, (pikemans shield).