HB 1 Early Hoplite. Helmet varieties.

HB 2 Later Hoplite. Helmet varieties.

HB 3 Greek foot command. Officers & trumpeters.

HB 3a Mounted Generals. (3)

HB 4 Thracian / Thessalian light cavalry.

HB 5 Hellenistic heavy cavalry.

HB 6 Greek archer in cuirass.

HB 7 Greek javelinman. Mix round / crescent pelta shields.

HB 8 Greek slinger. Mix round / crescent pelta shields.

HB 9 Thracian with long spear & crescent pelta.

HB10 Thracian with rhomphia & crescent pelta.

HB11 Later peltast with thureos shield.

HB12 Lithobolos & 3 crew. ( large stone / bolt thrower )   (AE)

BH13 Thorakitai infantry. Varieties.

HB14 Macedonian / late Hellenistic pike. Helmet varieties.

HB14a Seleucid / Bactrian pikeman. Helmet varieties

HB14b Hypaspist. Helmet varieties.

HB15 Companian cavalry. Helmet varieties.

HB15a Agema / Companian E. heavy cavalry on armoured horse.

HB16 Prodromoi light cavalry.

HB17 Macedonian cavalry command. Officer & standard bearer.

HB17a Macedonian foot command.Officer,musician & standard bearer.

HB18 Alexander & 2 Companians cavalry bodyguard.

HB19 Light cavalry with javelin.

HB20 Indian elephant, driver & 2 archers                    (AD )

HB21 Indian elephant, driver & Macedonian pikeman.  (AD)

HB22 Indian elephant, howdah, driver & general & attendant.                   (AF)

HB23 Indian elephant, howdah, driver & Macedonian archer & javelinman (AF)

HB24 Indian archer.

HB25 Indian infantryman with javelin.

HB26 Maiden Guard.

HB27 Indian cavalry. Two shield variants.

HB28 Indian 4 horse chariot, driver, 2 riders & 3 archers. (AG)

HB29 Indian 2 horse chariot, driver & archer.

HB30 Indian foot command.

HB31 Cataphract. Fuly armoured horse.

HB32 Indian 4 horse chariot, driver, 2 riders, General & attendant.  (AG)

HB33 Bactrian / Persian cavalry.

HB34 Persian archer.

HB35 Persian slinger.

HB36 Galatian infantry.

HB37 Scythian / Persian horse archer.

HB38 Persian / Seleucid scythed  4 horse chariot & driver  (AD)

HB39 Early catapault & 3 crew.

HB40 Onager & 3 crew

HB41 Later ballista & 3 crew

HB42 Spartan / unarmoured hoplite.

HB43 Greek peltast. Helmet, tunic, shield & javelin.

HB44 Thracian archer in foxskin cap.

HB45 Hellenistic heavy shielded cavalry.

HB46 Gaetic horse archer.

HB47 Tarantine Light cavalry.

HB48 Persian Cardaces infantry. Javelin & shield


HB49 Successor Romanised Heavy Inf. Sp+ oval scutum

HB50 Successor Guard pikeman.

HB51 Successor Companion Cavalry

HB52 Successor Politikoi H.Cav. Lance + round shield

HB53 Successor armoured elephant,tower, driver+ 2 crew

HB54 Successor peltast. Tunic, round shield+ javelin.

HB55 Galatian heavy infantry. Facemask helmet,sp + oval scutum

HB56 Thureophoroi inf. Spear + thureos shield

HB57 Thureophoroi inf. Spera+ small oval shield.

HB58 Thracian peltast/javelinman. Crescent pelta.

HB59 Italian inf. Oscan/Samnite. Triple disc armour. wicker shield.


HB60 Italian inf. Oscan/Samnite. Square breastplate. round shield

HB61 Italian/Latin inf. Tunic, oval scutum, spear.

HB62 Italian/Latin inf. 2 different figures. Tripledisc and square breastplate armour. Oval and round shield. + pilum.